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History //

From first frost-proof water meter to worldwide leading manufacturer

Because of the harsh winters, water pipes and also the installed water meters were likely to freeze and burst. Gumz and Wingender responded to this problem by developing and patenting a new kind of "frost-proof" water meter, that was designed for use in frigid northern climate. So Badger Meter started with a revolution in metering domestic water.


Badger Meter Truck

Foundation of Badger Meter Inc., in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA by Albert E. Gumz, Alber W. Wingender, Frederick C. Bogh and John J. Leach. John J. Leach was elected to the first president of the Badger Meter Manufacturing Company.

Because of the harsh winters, water pipes and also the installed water meters were likely to freeze and burst. Gumz and Wingender responded to this problem by developing and patenting a new kind of "frost-proof" water meter, that was designed for use in frigid northern climate. So Badger Meter started with a revolution in metering domestic water.

More about you can watch here: www.youtube.com/watch


Badger Meter 1918

Badger Meter is manufacturing more than 10,000 meters per year out of bronze and cast iron and had added disc, turbine and compound meters to its initial product line. There where only twelve employees, including the office staff. When they got a big order for 200 or 500 meters, everyone worked all day, Saturday and part of Sunday to get the meters out.






1924 – 1948

In 1924 Charles W. Wright became assistant to the president and general manager and in 1925 the second president of Badger Meter – a position he would hold for the next 27 years.
Also in 1925 the company required to update its equipment in order to produce 400 meters a day.

In 1946 Bob Huggins, an engineer from Tulsa, Oklahoma, designed the first small control valve for his own pilot facility.

1948 Roy Horton resumed Bob Huggins valve and founded REsearch COntrol® (RECO®).




1953 – 1963

In 1953, the company formed a wholly-owened subsidiary in Mexico City, Mexico, called Medidores Azteca, to manufacture water meters and allied products for distribution in the Republic of Mexico and other Latin American markets.
Also in 1953, a research and development division was formed with laboratory and testing facilities in Milwaukee.

In 1956, Badger Meter broke ground for a new office and research building at the company's Brown Deer manufacturing plant.

In 1960, Badger Meter introduced a highly successful new product, the Easy Read water meter with extremely clear dial and digits displayed in the register.

1963 Badger Meter Inc. acquired REsearch COntrol® and opened a subsidiary in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, where small control valves are produced.


1967 Badger Meter purchased W. Gottlob Volz, a 65-year-old meter manufacturing company located in Stuttgart, Germany. Volz manufactured velocity meters, gas valves and plumbing fixtures. Heinz Erb, an engineer, was appointed General Manager. The company was sold in 1971.












In April the company shortened its name from Badger Meter Manufacturing Company to Badger Meter Inc., the company's trademark war modernized to the blue "flowing B".

In August the company listed its stock on the American Stock Exchange.




Badger Meter Europa 1972

Badger Meter Europa was founded as a marketing office in Stuttgart, Germany, with the main goal to establish a network of distributors in Europe and the Middle East.


Recordall 1974

Introduction of Recordall® turbo meters the "next generation" of residential water meters. It was called the Recordall because of its high accuracy in "recording all" water at all flow rates, including very low rates.

Registration of Badger Meter Europa GmbH as limited company.


Badger Meter Europa 1978

Introduction of ultrasonic flow meters. This flow meter can be strapped on the outside of a pipe or installed inside the pipe wall, measures flow by determining the difference in propagation time between ultrasonic waves traveling upstream and downstream.



Badger Meter 1980

Badger Meter de Mexico established in Nogales, Mexico.



Badger Meter 1991

First certification according to DIN ISO 9002.




Badger Meter 1995

Relocation of the company Badger Meter Europa GmbH from Stuttgart to Beuren, Germany.


Badger Meter Europa GmbH celebrates its 25th anniversary.

The Calibration Office of Stuttgart declared Badger Meter Europa GmbH as an official calibraton center for volumetric meters for liquids except water, according to the international rule OIML IR117. Our test bench for lubrication meters is officially approved by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig and the Calibration Office in Stuttgart.

Purchasing of the electromagnetic productline of Magnetoflow® from Remag AG, Switzerland. This purchase completes Badger Meter its product range and continues the successful expansion policy.










MID 1998

Production of electromagnetic flow meters starts.

Badger Meter Europa GmbH is now present in the WWW with the first homepage.






Badger Meter 1999

The James O. Wright Innovations Center at Badger Meter Inc, Milwaukee, USA, is completed. A new building with 4.645 m2 area.
The Innovation Center is dedicated to the development and perfection of new products. The product development process begins with product design using Advanced Computer-Aided Design (CAD) systems. Prototypes are then built in the model shop, which includes Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines that automate the process. Once created, the prototypes undergo evaluation and an exhaustive testing process. The Innovation Center is named in honor of former chairman and CEO, James O. Wright, who served the company for 52 years.

Take a virtual tour to the James O. Wright Innovation Center: www.youtube.com/watch 

Opening of Badger Meter Asia sales office in Singapore.


Official opening of Badger Meter Czech s.r.o. in Brno, Czech Republic.

Introduction of the 24 hour delivery service in the field of lubrication meters / oil management systems to improve customer service.










Badger Meter Europa GmbH is from now on responsible for all international operations outside of North America.

Richard A. Meeusen becomes president of Badger Meter, Inc.

The product range is extended to oval gear meters.






Badger Meter 2002

A new facility is constructed at Badger Meter Czech s.r.o., with 1000 m2 production area and the most modern flow calibrators in Europe for electromagnetic flow meters. Light-flooded offices, conference and training rooms for employee and customers are offering a pleasant working environment.

Acquisition of Data Industrial Inc., manufacturer of impeller meters.


Badger Meter 100 Anniversary

Badger Meter Inc. celebrates its 100th anniversary. A milestone in the company's history and an achievement in which we can all take great pride.


Badger Meter Europa 2007

Move of Badger Meter Europa GmbH from Beuren to Neuffen, Germany.



Badger Meter Cox 2010

Acquisition of Cox Instruments LLC, manufacturer of turbine meters and Flow Dynamics Inc., manufacturer of calibrators.


Badger Meter 2011 Vision Turbinenzähler

Acquisition of Remag AG, manufacturer of VISION® turbine meters.


40 Anniversary Badger Meter Europa

Badger Meter Europa GmbH celebrates its 40th anniversary.

Acquisition of Racine Federated.


Badger Meter Europa Webseite

Badger Meter Europa renovates its homepage to upgrade smartphones' access.

Opening of Badger Meter Middle East branch office in Dubai, UAE.


Badger Meter Swiss Logo

The renaming of Remag AG to Badger Meter Swiss AG is completed.




Kenneth Bockhorst becomes president of Badger Meter, Inc.