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Insert flow sensor SDI

for ultra pure water and other industrial applications

Eintauchdurchflusssensor SDI
Eintauchdurchflusssensor SDI 220 SS
  • Bidirectional measurements possible
  • Very good price/performance ratio
  • 1,5" up to 48"
  • Large temperature range and pressure rates
max. flow:
from 12 up to 220000 l/min
from 0 up to 150 °C
max. pressure:
from 0 up to 68 bar
Water & waste water industry, Chemical industry
Insert flow sensor SDI
Insert flow sensor SDI

General information

The SDI series flow sensor offers unparalleled performance for liquid flow measurement in closed pipe systems. The impeller sensor is well suited for flow control, flow monitoring and batch type applications. The flow meter can be mounted in pipe sizes of 1,5" up to 48".

This sensor can be used for water applications or as stainless steel version for corrosive fluids at high temperatures and pressure rates. Bidirectional flow measurement or battery driven systems are available as option.

Technical data

Mounting in pipe sizes DN32 – 900** / 1,5 – 36“
Flow range in m/s (standard)0,1 – 6
Flow range in m/s (low flow)-
Accuracy (full scale / Qmax.)±1 %
Accuracy (of reading)-
Repeatability (full scale / Qmax.)±0,5 %
**or larger upon request

Measuring principle

Impeller meters

Impeller meters

The series feature a six-bladed impeller design with a proprietary, non-magnetic sensing mechanism. The impeller shape coupled with the absence of magnetic drag provides accuracy and repeatability throughout the flow range of the sensors. As the liquid flow turns the impeller, a low impedance square wave signal is transmitted with a frequency proportional to the flow rate.


Transmitter 340 BTU

Transmitter 340 BTU
  • Can be combined with all flow sensors
Dual channel monitor 3100/Controller/Transmitter

Dual channel monitor 3100/Controller/Transmitter
  • Control panel mounted
  • Pump control based on flow and pressure
  • Pump control based on level and pressure
  • Water feature...
Transmitter 330

Transmitter 330
  • Relay output
  • Parametering vial PC/Laptop
Transmitter 320

Transmitter 320
  • Scalable pulse transmitter
  • Parametering via PC/Laptop
Transmitter 340 LW

Transmitter 340 LW
  • BTU
  • Signal conversion to Lonworks® networks
Transmitter 340 N2

Transmitter 340 N2
  • BTU
  • Signal conversion to Johnson Controls Metasys® networks

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