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WaterLine water softening systems

  • Microprocessor monitored softening process 
  • Flow volume controlled regeneration 
  • Compact non-corrosive design 
  • Plug-in ready and easy to install 
  • Forced regeneration according to DVGW
WaterLine water softening systems
WaterLine water softening systems

General information

The robust HygroMatik water softening systems sustainably reduce the limescale fall-out in steam humidifiers and offer significant advantages when used in air humidification systems.

MORE operating hours - LESS maintenance required

The amount of limescale deposit when vaporising mains water defines, in most regions, the scope of the regular maintenance and cleaning intervals for steam humidifiers. A simple rule applies: The harder the water and the more intensive the use, the greater the limescale deposit. This leads to significantly shorter maintenance and cleaning intervals.

The HygroMatik water softening systems provide air humidification systems with hygienically treated soft water and guarantee an effective protection against limescale deposits. As a result down-times and maintenance costs for the operator can be considerably reduced, especially during intensive use.

  • User friendly operation
  • Plugin ready and ready for connection
  • System components made of corrosion resistant materials
  • Microprocessing controller
  • Proven low maintenance central regulating valve


Best water quality in the ion substitution method

The HygroMatik water softening systems reduce the lime content of the water, based on the proven ion substitution method. Thereby the integrated ion substitution tower (resin tower), filled with special resin, is perfused with water. The calcium and magnesium ions released in the water are removed and replaced by sodium ions - in this way the water is softened. After the production of a specified amount of soft water a regeneration of the system regularly takes place. During regeneration the special resin in the ion substitution tower is rinsed with saline solution. During this process the calcium and magnesium ions are released from the special resin and replaced by sodium ions. The rinsing water is let into the waste water system.

If the water softening system hasn't been used for a length of time, in addition to the regular, volume dependent regeneration process a compulsory regeneration according to DVGW (German Association for Gas and Water) is triggered to ensure perfect hygienic conditions.

This thorough and hygienic process ensures the best water quality.


Four types of system - optimised for all requirements:
Compact, Single, Double and DoublePlus

All water softening systems are supplied with the following features:

  • Microprocessor controlled central regulation valve with flow metering for requirement dependent regeneration
  • Installation and operation manual

The WaterLine Compact water softening system is fitted with the following components:

  • Substitution resin container as a pressure container with a double shell made of GRP (Glass fibre Reinforced Plastic), including fittings and a filling of high quality cation substitution resin suitable for use with foodstuffs
  • Above mentioned components are integrated in the salt storage tank

The WaterLine Single water softening system also includes:

  • Separate salt tank with cover, overflow and piping to the central regulating valve

The Double and DoublePlus water softening systems are pendulum systems. They ensure the interruption free soft water supply, and, as a result of their alternating operating mode are especially suitable for air humidification systems that require a permanent supply of soft water.

The Double and DoublePlus water softening systems are equipped with the following components:

  • 2 substitution resin containers as a pressure container with a double shell made of GRP (Glass fibre Reinforced Plastic), including fittings, piping between the pressure tanks and a filling of high quality cation substitution resin suitable for use with foodstuffs
  • Salt tank with cover, overflow and piping to the central regulating valve

If there is a high manganese and iron content in the water we recommend the DoublePlus water softening system. The special resin Eco-Mix is exclusively designed for these requirements.

Technical data

Capacitym³ x °dH / m³ x 17.8 ppm18204060802x202x402x602x80
Nominal flow ratel / h100300400600800300400600800
Min. flow ratel / h606060606060606060
Soft water output when softened by 178ppml180020004000600080002x20002x40002x60002x8000
Resin volumel4.551015202x52x102x152x20
Required amount of salt (NaCl) per regeneration
Full briningkg11.
Partial briningkg0.
Regeneration salt amount required per liter of resin
Full briningkg0.22
Partial briningkg0.16
Water consumption per regenerationl5010015020050100150200
Dimensions, weight and class
Operational weightkg20110125135145125140150160
Unit weightkg9.52429333840475563
Protection classIP54
Electrical connectionVAC/Hz/VA230/50/50
Min. raw water flow pressurebar2,5
Max. raw water flow pressurebar7
Min. raw water temperature°C5
Max. raw water temperature°C30
Raw water inlet connectionin1
Soft water outlet connectionin1
Min. drain diameterin01. Feb
Installation location requirements
Max. environmental temperature°C40
Max. relative humidity%60

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