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DDS pressure steam system


Druckdampfsystem / Pressure steam system
  • The new HygroMatik DDS, the only system offering four components in one compact unit.
  • High performance separator, strainer, condensate drain and start-up safety feature – all in V4A stainless steel, compact, light and energy efficient. 
  • The DDS can be configured individually. The standard flanged connections, compact dimensions and light weight ensure easy installation – even where available space is at a premium.
  • The HygroMatik DDS humidifies with condensate-free saturated steam and offers the shortest absorption distances.
DDS pressure steam system
DDS pressure steam system

General information

The HygroMatik pressurised steam DDS system is connected to an existing steam source. It conditions the steam to provide condensate-free steam in environments such as clean rooms and hospitals.

As a single system, the new HygroMatik DDS offers four components in a compact unit:
High performance steam dryer, dirt trap, condensate drain and start-up protection - all made from stainless steel VA. The new HygroMatik DDS is compact, light and energy saving.

The DDS can be assembled individually. Its standard flanged connections, compact dimensions and its low net weight makes assembly easy, even under difficult installation conditions.

The HygroMatik DDS humidifies with condensate free, saturated steam even within the shortest absorption distances.

Replaceable dirt trap

The high quality stainless steel dirt trap protects the control valve and the condensate drain against dirt from the steam network. The inner, fine-mesh coarse strainer can be simply exchanged.


High-performance steam dryer

The stainless steel DDS steam dryer separates condensate from steam using a spiral piping system. Thanks to the low weight and the compact closed system, the HygroMatik DDS is easy to assemble and highly energy efficient.

Reliable start-up protection

The start-up protection enables humidification only once a defined operating temperature has been reached. This effectively prevents the penetration of condensate from the steam network into the air conditioning duct.

High-performance condensate drain

The robust, tightly closing ball float condensate between drain channels away any condensate. Due to the fast-response principle and the high capacity, large quantities of condensate can also reliably be drained away, e.g. during system start-up. In this way the closed system prevents any loss of steam.


Optimally adjusted

The bus-compatible actuator offers optimum automatic control by means of direct connection without an adapter.
The special metal-to-metal or soft seating HygroMatik control valve regulates the steam quantity by means of valve travel with an equal percentage characteristic curve. This means particularly fine control in the lower range and a quick response to a higher humidity requirement in the upper control range.


Stainless steel steam lances

Steam lances from stainless steel have a low net weight and are quickly fitted. The quiet steam outlet nozzles take the steam centrally from the driest area of the steam lance.
The alignment of the nozzles against the air flow ensures quick distribution and a short absorption distance.

The inner, closed steam lance heating system is arranged at the lowest point of the steam lance. This means that any condensate which may possibly arise can immediately be revapourised. The energy optimized control results from the light, maintenance friendly thermic condensate drain. Any unnecessary temperature rise of the channel caused by an irregular steam output is avoided.

Technical data

TypDDS 20DDS 20DDS 40DDS 40
MaterialA (stainless steel)C (cast iron)A (stainless steel)C (cast iron)
Max. humidification capacity [kg]/h270180770730
Number of lances 1-5
Electric actuator connection voltage [V]24 AC or 24 DC
Control signal [V] 0-10
Pneumatic actuator on request
Steam pressure [bar g] 0.5 - 4

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