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Vortex meter RVL series

In-line style flow meter

Racine® Vortex Zähler In-Line Zähler
  • For corrosive fluids
  • High accuracy
  • No moving parts
Water, Lubricant oil
max. flow:
from 4.7 up to 1135.5 l/min
from 0 up to 95 °C
max. pressure:
from 0 up to 10.3 bar
Water & waste water industry, Chemical industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Food & beverage industry, General industry, Aerospace industry, Automotive industry
Vortex meter RVL series
Vortex meter RVL series

General information

The RVL series meter utilizes vortex-shedding technology to provide a repeatable flow measurement accurate to 1 percent of full scale. The meter has no moving parts, and any potential for fluid contamination is eliminated by the meter's corrosion-resistant all plastic construction. The meter includes a compact two-wire (4 - 20 mA) or three-wire (0 - 5 Volt DC or pulse) transmitter, contained within a conveniently replaceable plug-in electronic module. All electronics are housed in a corrosion-resistant enclosure.

Unlike meters containing metal or moving parts, the RVL is perfect for aggressive or easily contaminated fluids. Applications range from ultra-pure water to highly corrosive chemicals and slurries. Units may be re-calibrated and the meter output span reprogrammed in the field. RVL meters are available in the following materials of construction: CPVC, PVC, PVDF and Polypropylene (PP).    

Technical data

ConnectionsButt or NPT-thread
Pipe sizesDN 15 – DN 50 (½” to 2”)
Flow range2 – 18 l/min to 60 – 750 l/min
Accuracy±1 % of full scale, 4 – 20 mA and 0 – 5 VDC
±2 % of full scale, frequency pulse
Repeatability±0,25 % actual flow
Output signal4 – 20 mA, 0 – 5 VDC or frequency pulse (source/sink-driver; 1A source / 1.5A sink; typical output resistance 10 ohms)
Input power13 to 30 VDC
CertificationCSA standard C22.2 no. O-M and no. 142-M, CE
Material optionsPVC, CPVC, PVDF

Measuring principle

Vortex meters

Vortex meters

Within the flow meter as flowing media moves across the strut or "bluff bar" vortices are also shed, but on a smaller scale. The meter transmits an ultrasonic beam through the vortex pattern downstream of the strut. As vortices are shed, the carrier wave of the ultrasonic signal modulates. The modulation of the carrier wave is measurable and proportional to the number of vortices shed. Digital processing enables the vortices to be counted, and this value is converted into a velocity.

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