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Flow sensor 380 BTU

with BTU transmitter

Impeller Durchflusssensor/Wärmemengenzähler 380 BTU
  • Low cost Btu system
  • For cold or hot applications
  • BACnet and ModBus® protocols
  • Scaled pulse output
max. flow:
from 6.3 up to 595 l/min
from -20 up to 125 °C
max. pressure:
from 0 up to 27 bar
Water & waste water industry, Chemical industry, HVAC
Flow sensor 380 BTU
Flow sensor 380 BTU

General information

The series 380 Btu systems provide a low cost system for metering cold or hot systems. The 380CS/HS can accurately measure flow and temperature differential to compute energy. Utilizing either BACnet or Modbus RS 485 communications protocols or a scaled pulse output, the Btu meter can interface with many existing control systems.

The rugged design incorporates an impeller flow sensor and two temperature probes. One temperature probe is conveniently mounted directly in the flow sensor tee. The second temperature probe is placed on either the supply or the return line depending on ease of installation for the application. These minimal connections help simplify installation and save time.

Commissioning of this meter can be completed in the field via a computer connection or setup at the factory with the customers requirements. Setup includes energy measurement units, measurement method, communication protocol, pulse output control, fluid density and specific heat parameters. 

Technical data

Pipe sizeDN 20 – DN 50
Accuracy±2 % of full scale
Repeatability±0,5 %
Voltage InputModBus® RTU / BACnet® MSTP
Voltage OutputScaled pulses
Energy supply12–35 VDC / 12–28 VAC
Temperature Unit -20 °C up to +60 °C (cold water model BTU 380 CS)
+4 °C up to +125 °C (warm water model BTU 380 HS)
Sensor type-
Velocity6 – 595 l/min depending on meter size
UnitskBTU/min, kBTU/h, kW, MW, HP, tons, customer defined

Measuring principle

Heat meters

Heat meters

The heat meters use the highly precise ultrasonic transit time measuring principle, for which two ultrasonic sensors are externally mounted on the pipeline and connected to the electronic. The ultrasonic sensors work alternately as transmitter and receiver, and mutually send ultrasonic signals. During these transmissions, the respective signal transit times of the to-and-from signals (t1, t2) are measured.  

The electronic measures the difference of the transit time of the ultrasonic signals going with and against the flow direction t1 and t2. These signals are either decelerated or accelerated by the medium flow. The difference produced in both signal transit times is proportional to the flow rate and is used together with the pipeline geometry for a precise flow calculation


Transmitter 310

Transmitter 310
  • 4 – 20 mA analogue output
  • Parametering via PC/Laptop
Transmitter 330

Transmitter 330
  • Relay output
  • Parametering vial PC/Laptop
Transmitter 340 BTU

Transmitter 340 BTU
  • Can be combined with all flow sensors
Transmitter 340 N2

Transmitter 340 N2
  • BTU
  • Signal conversion to Johnson Controls Metasys® networks
Transmitter 340 LW

Transmitter 340 LW
  • BTU
  • Signal conversion to Lonworks® networks
Transmitter 320

Transmitter 320
  • Scalable pulse transmitter
  • Parametering via PC/Laptop
Heat calculator model 212

Heat calculator model 212
  • Complies with OIML R75 and EN1434 standards
  • Provides multilingual capability
  • M-Bus and ModBus® RTU RS 485 options
  • For...

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