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Industrial line register type ILR700 - standard register

Register ILR 700
  • Large six digit LCD display with three decimal point precision for batch total display
  • Batch total display in liters, pints, quarts or gallons selectable from the front of the register
  • Non-resettable lifetime totalization in liters or gallons - 11 digits
  • Resettable totalizer - 5 digits
  • Display operation temperature range
  • ILR series: -20 °C to +60 °C (-4 °F to +140 °F)
  • ER 420: -30 °C to +80 °C (-22 °F to +178 °F)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Long life field replaceable top load battery
  • Calibration factor saved in non-volatile memory
  • Programmable meter pulse rate in pulses per liter or pulses per gallon
Industrial line register type ILR700 - standard register
Industrial line register type ILR700 - standard register

General information

The electronic register module contains a microprocessor board powered by a lithium battery. It can be programmed to batch in liters, pints, quarts, or gallons and will totalize in liters or gallons. A calibration factor and unit of measure are programmed during factory test. Unlike mechanical registers, these units can be electronically recalibrated in the field when necessary. A 6-digit LC display, accurate to three decimal places, shows the exact amount of fluid that has passed through the meter. The entire register module is protected from normal wear and tear by a rugged, shock resistant housing.

  • Improved resolution due to quadrature signals on the reed switch input
  • Register can be mounted in-line or perpendicular to flow
  • Flow rate or totalizer display selectable in the programming menu
  • Selectable unit of measure

Measuring principle

Oval gear meters

Oval gear meters

As fluid passes through the metering chamber by entering the inlet port, it forces the internal gears to rotate and exits through the outlet port. Each rotation of the gear displaces a given volume of fluid. Controlled clearances between the gears and chamber wall insure minimum leakage. As the gears rotate, a magnet on each end of the gear activates the reedswitch and forward the pulses to the display or to the pulse output.

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