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Digital Dual Function Controller Type EDR_MIC

Funktionsregler / Function Controller

General information

Two or three point controller
e.g. for humidity and temperature
integrated sensor power supply otional
inputs: 0/4 ... 20 mA, 0/0.2 ... 1 V
or Pt100 and others

Technical data

power supply 230VAC, 11VA(incl. sensors), 45...55Hz
controller type twoorthreepoint controller
controllerstructures P/PD/PI/PID
A/D-transducer resolution>15 bit
accuracy (timer) 0.7 %/10ppm/K
datastorage EEPROM
samplingtime 210ms
measurement accuracy (analogue input)  0.1% / 100ppm/K
outputs 4 relays (2 per controller)
make contact (NO contact)3A at 250 VAC resistive load
output sensor supply (optional)15 VDC max. 60 mA
target value display 4-digit can be retrieved using keys
actualvaluedisplay 4digit
housing panelhousing toDIN43700 black
housing dimensions 144 x 72 x 135
contacts on theback usingscrewterminals
conductorcross section 1.5mm2
electromagneticcompatibility .EN61326
ambienttemperature +10...+50°C
protective system, front .IP50
rear IP20
resistance to climatic conditions 75%rh without condensation
Technical Data
inputs 0/4...20mA
100 ... 138.5 Ohm, 1000 ... 1385 Ohm
or thermocouples see above
voltage drop current input: 1 V
voltageinput 10MOhm
controlrange depending onsensorused
displayrange dependingonsensor used

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