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Humidistat series HG80

  • with Polyga® humidity measuring element
  • scale range 30...100%rh
  • with one or two changeover contacts (HG80 or HG80-2)
  • version with internal adjusting knob available (HG80i)

General information

The humidity measuring element, produced by Galltec under the name Polyga®, consists of several synthetic fabric bands each with 90 individual fibres with a diameter of 3µm. A special process gives the fibre hygroscopic properties. The measuring element absorbs and desorbs humidity. The swelling effect, which is predominantly in a lengthways direction, is carried via a suitable lever system to a microswitch with an extremely small switching path. The measuring element reacts quickly and precisely to the change in air humidity. By adjusting the setpoint value control knob, the lever system is engaged so that when the set air humidity is reached the microswitch is activated. In the case of the hygrostat type HG80-2, a second microswitch is positioned parallel to the first microswitch. After the housing cover has been removed, the second set value can be finely adjusted at the microswitch lever using a screwdriver. The switch point of the second microswitch is connected to the switch point of the first microswitch. The switch distance (neutral zone) can be set from 0% rel. humidity to +15% rel. humidity. The fan shaped measuring element is protected by a perforated sensor tube and is exposed to the housing. The hygrostats are designed for pressureless systems. The mounting position should be chosen such that condensed water cannot get into the interior of the housing. The preferred mounting position is with the „sensor vertically downwards“ or „sensor horizontal“ (see diagram on the reverse). In the mounting positions described above, a blanking plate in the sensor tube with a 0.8mm diameter hole will prevent water getting in

Technical data

scale range 30...100%rh
measuring accuracy
for measuring range> 50%rh ±3.5%rh
for measuring range< 50%rh ±4%rh
range of operation 35...95%rh
measuring medium air, pressureless, non-aggressive
switching difference (microswitch) ref. to 50%rh .......approx. 4%rh
switching distance between the microswitches
for HG80-2 0...+15%rh
max. voltage 250 V AC
Please observe the notes on voltage.
breaking capacity of the changeover contact
ohmic load (cos j=1) 15A AC 230V
inductive load (cos j=0,7) 2A AC 230V
direct voltage 0.25A DC 230V
breaking capacity, minimum load 100mA, 125V AC
contact material silver
allowable storage temperature -30...+60°C
allowable operating temperature 0...60°C
medium temp. coefficient -0.2%/K relative to 20°C and 50%rh
adjustment at average air pressure 430 m NN
allowable air speed 8m/sec
with gauze protection (order no. 20.014) 15m/sec
with PTFE filter (order no. 23.063) 15 m/sec
time constant T63 at v=2m/sec 120 sec
sensor length, material 220mm, high-grade steel
fixing slots in the housing base for duct mounting
(ord. no. 20.009) console for wall mounting
mounting position sensor vertically downwards or horizontally
connecting terminals for conductor cross sections 1.5mm2
cable connection via twist nipple M20x1.5
applied directives / standards
low-voltage directive 2014/35/EU
EMC directive 2014/30/EU
DIN EN 60730-1:2012-10
DIN EN 60730-2-13:2008-09
housing ABS light grey
type of protection (external rotary knob) IP 54
type of protection (inner rotary knob HG80i, HG802i) IP64
measuring element Polyga®-measuring element, water resistent, washable
weight approx. 0.7 kg

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