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Room Humidistat series HG120

  • with Polyga® measuring element
  • scale range 30...100%rh
  • with one or two changeover contacts (HG120 or HG120-2)
  • version with internal adjusting knob available (HG120i)

General information

The humidistat type HG120 is used as an on-off controller to control the relative air humidity in climatic cabinets. It is used to control air humidifying and dehumidifying in offices and computer rooms. Other areas of use are storage of foodstuffs and luxury foods, cooling rooms for fruit and vegetables, greenhouses for gardening use, the textile industry, the paper and printing industry, the film industry and hospitals.

Technical data

measuring element Polyga®-measuring element, water resistent
control range 40...90%rh
breaking capacity
max. 250VAC and
0.1 ... 5A ohmic load for dehumidifying
0.1 ... 2A ohmic load for humidifying
0.1 ... 1A for inductive load (power factor >0.8)
lifetime > 6.000 breaking cycles
Please observe the notes on voltage.
optional microswitch with gold contact
breaking capacity
max. 48 VAC and
1...100 mA
optional microswitch up to 10 A
max. 250VAC and
0.1 ... 10A ohmic load for dehumidifying
0.1 ... 3A ohmic load for humidifying
0.1 ... 1.5A for inductive load (power factor >0.8)
allowable ambient temperature 0...60°C
air-speed 0.2...8 m/s
installation altitude ≤ 4.000m above sea level
influence of temperature
ref. to 23 °C ≤ +/- 0.2 % r.h. / K
typ. response time t50 at v=2m/s 1.2min
fixing slots in housing base
installation position preferably with ventilation slots
at right-angles to wind direction
contacting connecting terminals
applied directives / standards
low-voltage directive 2014/35/EU
EMC directive 2014/30/EU
DIN EN 60730-1:2012-10
DIN EN 60730-2-13:2008-09
action 2.C
rated impulse voltage 4 kV
ball indentation test for temperature 92°C
housing solid plastic, light grey
protective system IP20
degree of pollution
dimensions 115x70x47 mm
weight approx. 120 g

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