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Condensation detector to prevent the buildung of condensed water

  • to detect the building of condensed water
  • with Polyga® measuring element
  • Changeover contact with silver contacts

General information

Breaking capacity max. 48VAC 
The hygrostat module on PCB with Polyga® measuring element is arranged on an aluminium base plate so that the measuring element is in an immediate proximity to the base plate.
Protected by the housing, relative humidity near to dew point can form inside. The aluminium plate is adjacent to the cooling pipe and transfers the cold to the measuring element. The set point can be set inside and has to be adapted to the local conditions.
The microswitch of the hygro module switches a changeover contact potential-free. The standard switch is lined with silver contacts. Optionally there is a microswitch with gold contacts. The FAS does not require a supply voltage resp. auxiliary energy.

Technical data

Technical Data
range of operation 50...95%rh
measuring accuracy +/-3%rh
switching difference
(microswitch) ref. to 50%rh approx. 4%rh
breaking capacity
max. 48VAC and
0,1 ... 5A
ohmic load for dehumidifying
0,1 ... 2A
ohmic load for humidifying
0,1 ... 1A for inductive load with cos φ = 0.7
lifetime 100.000 breaking cycles
optional microswitch with gold contacts
breaking capacitymax. 48 VAC and
1...100 mA
optional FAS up to a maximum of 250V AC available
allowable operating temperature 0...60°C
temperature coefficient -0.2%rh/K rel. to 20°C and 50%rh
half-life period at v=2m/sec 1.2min
mounting position as you like
contacting connecting terminal in the case
applied directives / standards
low-voltage directive 2014/35/EU
EMC directive 2014/30/EU
DIN EN 60730-1:2012-10
DIN EN 60730-2-13:2008-09
protective system IP20
measuring element
dimensions 85x55x33mm
weight approx. 80 g

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